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WFNR Research & Education Foundation

Mr Liu Shunxing

The WFNR is a dynamic and growing organisation and its Research and Education Foundation focuses on the organisation’s mission to support the future of neurorehabilitation throughout the world including promoting and supporting educational initiatives in developing countries.

The WFNR `Flying Faculty’ is a group of members willing and able to teach on educational programmes throughout the world. The WFNR receives many requests for assistance with neurorehabilitation training and the `Flying Faculty’ enables the organisation to respond to such requests.  The most recent teaching courses have taken place in The Philippines, Nigeria, Mongolia, Russia, China, Iran and India.  

Young neurorehabilitationalists are the future of neurorehabilitation and the Foundation aims to support them in their research initiatives. 

You are invited to help develop the innovative and exciting work of the Foundation. The generosity of members, the corporate sector and individual benefactors will ensure the future of neurorehabilitation.   

Your generous support is needed. Please contact Tracey Mole for further information.