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Organisation for Psychological Research into Stroke (OPSYRIS)


Annual Report: Download OPSYRIS_Annual_Report

Chair:  Professor Nele Demeyere
Secretary:  Dr Kathleen Vancleef

Purpose: This special interest group is primarily (but not exclusively) for clinical and neuropsychologists researching in stroke rehabilitation. We also encourage links between research and clinical practice.

History of the group: The idea for OPSYRIS was conceived after a meeting held at Birmingham University in 2002 to launch the British Psychological Society Division of Neuropsychology/Division of Clinical Psychology guidance on stroke services.

After the meeting, which had focussed largely on service issues, a group formed to consider knowledge about psychological factors in stroke and how they could be developed and enhanced and the range of psychological approaches available for patients and carers extended. It was felt that the establishment of a psychologists’ stroke research group would encourage psychological research into stroke and achieve our aspirations. The first meeting was held in Nottingham in 2002 and attended by 12 people.

This was followed by annual meetings in Bristol (2003), Sheffield (2004), Surrey (2005), Brighton (2006) Manchester (2007), Cardiff (2008)  London (2009), Newcastle (2010), Preston(2011)  Birmingham (2012)  Nottingham (2013)    Bangor (2014)  Canterbury (2015) Preston (2016) Leeds (2017) Glasgow(2018)

The aim of the group is to facilitate research in psychological aspects of stroke rehabilitation, to provide research on stroke which informs clinical psychology practice and to promote the consideration of psychological factors in clinical stroke services. Read our Mission Statement here.

Annual meetings are held to promote communication between researchers, update the knowledge base and to facilitate new developments in clinical research.

For further information please contact Bogna Drozdowska,

For more information on OPSYRIS meetings and recent news, please visit or follow us on Twitter @opsyris1.