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Renew with WFNR Online

The WFNR has a small annual subscription for members of €30 Euros per person per year.

WFNR membership entitles you to:

  • Biannual issues of the WFNR Update newsletter
  • Reduced registration fees to the WFNR World Congresses
  • Reduced registration fees to selected WFNR regional meetings
  • Reduced subscription rates to:

Individuals of the affiliated neurological rehabilitation societies are automatically members of the WFNR. Their national society pays an annual membership fee to the WFNR on their behalf. If there individuals either in those countries or anywhere else in the world who would like to join the WFNR on a private basis then you would be most welcome.

Please fill in the following form to either renew or join. If you are renewing, you will need to put in your current Membership number.

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