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The WFNR Research Committee has launched a new programme, a webinar series on ‘Clinical Research on NeuroRehabilitation’.  This will be a good platform to learn the clinical research on neurorehabilitation for early career researchers and anyone interested in clinical research.

A webinar will be held every month from this May using pre-recorded lecture and real-time online Q&A afterward.

Participation is free for everyone.

WFNR Webinar Series ‘Clinical Research on NeuroRehabilitation’





20 May 2021

Understand the Clinical Research Process (Research Ethics/GCP/ICH Guidelines)  


17 June 2021

Clinical Research Phases

July 2021

Study Designs (including Novel designs & Pragmatic Approaches for Clinical Trial

Sept 2021

Sample Size Calculation & Randomization & Outcome Measures

October 2021

Institutional Review Board Process & Registration of Clinical Trial

November 2021

Patient Recruitment and Data Management & CONSORT

December 2021

Everything you always wanted to know about clinical trials in neurorehabilitation but were afraid to ask

January 2022

Statistics I (Basic Parametric Tests)

February 2022

Statistics II (Regression & Survival Analysis)

March 2022


April 2022

Population-Based Study

May 2022

Understand the Process of Publication (Meet the Editor)

Organized by WFNR Research Committee

Nam-Jong Paik (Chair)

Adriana Conforto

Wayne Feng

Won-Seok Kim

Surjo Soekadar

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please send yours to njpaik@snu.ac.kr

Pharmacology in Neurorehabilitation 

General pharmacology  of neural repair -  Volker Hömberg
UInimodal versus monomodal drug action Dafin Muresanu
Pitfalls and solutions in pharmacological  treatments of  TBI - Johannes Vester

Participation is free for everyone

Brain Stimulation for Stroke Recovery Symposium
28th May 2021 

You can register to watch this webinar on-demand here

This symposium is co-sponsored by the American Academy of Neurology, Duke Neurology and WFNR.

Wayne Feng, MD, MS  Duke University - Co-Chair - Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation
Nam-Jong Paik, MD, PhD  Seoul National University College of Medicine - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
Jesse Dawson, MD  University of Glasgow - Vagus Nerve Stimulation
Nathan Bornstein, MD  Tel-Aviv University - Electromagnetic Field Stimulation (Brain Q)
David Good, MD Co-Chair, President of WFNR -
Ken Baker, PhD Cleveland Clinic Lerner Research Institute - Deep Brain Stimulation

Participation is free for everyone.


  • COVID-19: Problems in the Americas, Africa and Asia.  Consequences for Neurorehabilitation
  • Neurological Sequelae of COVID-19 and Rehabilitation Strategies

  • The Impact of COVID-19 and Rehabilitative Care and Research