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Traumatic Brain Injury

Questionnaire on SBI-MBI

Questionnaire to steer first activities of Brain Injury special Interest Group (BIIG)

The aims of such a Special Interest Group include:

  1. Encouraging awareness, sharing and comparing clinical innovations and research in a field that is becoming increasingly important, both because of the number of cases and because of the enormity and complexity of the rehabilitation challenges that it produces;
  2. Making available up-to-date, validated scientific information to all Members, to support the establishment of the structures and centers that are ever more frequently required, given the expansion of this clinical and social problem;
  3. Creating suitable conditions such that the WFNR and Members of the Special Interest Group can rapidly become reference figures at an international level in this sector;
  4. Offering a further reason for joining the WFNR and the member National Societies, for all those who are involved or interested in the evaluation and rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries.
  5. Representing a bridge to create a constant collaboration with other Scientific Societies and different International bodies.

To achieve these aims the instruments could be :

  1. periodic meetings within the WFNR Congress, but also at other scientific (national/international ) events if appropriate.
  2. a web-site dedicated to creating a continuous forum for information and exchange of ideas, a data-base and a mailing-list.
  3. organization of specific scientific initiatives (events, journal and publications) internationally and nationally, also perhaps in collaboration with other interested Scientific Societies and other international bodies (association of patients, families, ONG...)

The Special Interest Group will have an organization based on:

  1. Coordinator, referent for the BIIG Management Committee and at the meantime to WFNR.
  2. Management Committee composed by some active members from different Countries.
  3. General Board, including all members interested to collaborate and willing to devote some of their time to the necessary activities, representing all different countries and selected among the members of the WFNR.

But in setting up of this Special Interest Group we must consider some points :

  1. the support to many interested colleagues to carrying out this field quickly growing into World Federation (as recently Hong Kong Congress showed ).
  2. the existence of many different Scientific bodies (IBIA. ISPRM…) Professionals or Disabled People Associations (EDF).
  3. the different increasing interests which are growing all around this field (ethical, political, financial, scientific and social issues).
  4. the necessity to steer our activities in future to avoid duplicates, find synergies and offer such a specific contribution in scientific matters.

So we send to all WFNR Members (working in this field or not) some questions to know their situations ,opinions and interests, and after we could set up activities and organization for BIIG .

In Your Country:

  1. How Neurologist, Physiatrist and other Disciplines face up to Brain Injury Clinical problems?
  2. Does an Emergency System covering these problems exist?
  3. Are Traumatic, non-traumatic, old people Brain Injury well covered, and how?
  4. Which services/facilities are offered to long surviving patients without recovery (minimal responsive)?
  5. Does a specific system exist to offer interventions or supports to Families?
  6. Does some research exist (brief list of topics)?

In Your Opinion which are the main topics on Neuro-Rehabilitation, (to be developed on research)?

  1. Neurosurgery/Implants -
  2. Bio/Metabolic /Feeding aspects -
  3. Drugs -
  4. Stem Cells -
  5. Rehabilitation methods and approaches -
  6. Cognitive aspects -
  7. Assistive Technology -
  8. Care Givers Counselling -

And Finally:

  1. Do You (or your team) work in this field?
  2. Do You are interested to take part of this Group?
  3. Which should be most interesting topics for your work in this Group?

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