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Honorary Members

Stephanie Clarke, President-Elect, announced the appointment of Anne-Lise Christensen as Honorary Member of the WFNR.

Anne-Lise Christensen was born in 1927. She is a Danish Neuropsychologist and Professor at the Centre for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury, University of Copenhagen. She has held many eminent positions including Honorary Dr., University of Lund, Honorary Member of Sarah Network of Hospitals' International Faculty and the International Neuropsychological Society Distinguished Career Award, presented in recognition of her outstanding lifetime contributions to the field of neuropsychology.

With the publication ‘Luria's Neuropsychological Investigation’ in 1974, based upon inspiration, collaboration and visits to Luria's laboratory at the Burdenko University Hospital in Moscow, she introduced the method of A.R. Luria to the investigation of the higher cortical functions in man.

In 1985, she founded the ‘Centre for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury’ at the University of Copenhagen, the first rehabilitation centre of its kind. As a pioneer in the area of rehabilitation of acquired brain injury, she served as the Director of the Centre from 1985 until 1998, where she retired.

Klaus von Wild 

The WFNR welcomed a new Honorary Member during WCNR2014 in Istanbul – Klaus von Wild, Professor of Neurosurgery at Wilhelm University in Münster, Germany.  Professor von Wild is the former Treasurer of WFNR. 

“Klaus has been an advocate for neurorehabilitation for over 20 years.  He has worked tirelessly to engage and foster networks around the world” said Stephanie Clarke, WFNR President - General Asssembly, WCNR2014.