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Forthcoming Events

25th Annual RIMS Conference
Collaborate and Engage in Personalised Rehabilitation
4th June 2020 - 6th June 2020
Leuven, Belgium
W: http://www.rims-annualconference.org/Leuven2020

Summer School in Neurorehabilitation (SSNR)
17th June 2020 - 20th June 2020
Greifswald, Germany
W: http://www.wiko-greifswald.de/programm/allgemeines/veranstaltungskalender/veranstaltung/n/summer-school-neurorehabilitation-2020-54537/

12th FENS Forum of Neuroscience
11th July 2020 - 15th July 2020
Glasgow, UK
W: http://www.fens.org/2020
Virtual Forum

FMUSP Winter Schools 2020
Winter School on Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine from the Perspective of the Global Burden of Disease
20th July 2020 - 31st July 2020
Sao Paulo, Brazil
W: http://www.fm.usp.br/en/winter-schools/programoverview

59th International Spinal Cord Society Annual Scientific Meeting (ISCoS 2020)
1st September 2020 - 5th September 2020
Yokohama, Japan
W: http://www.iscosmeetings2020.org
Virtual Meeting

14th World Congress on Controversies in Neurology (CONy)
2nd October 2020 - 5th October 2020
London, UK
W: http://cony.comtecmed.com

11th World Congress for NeuroRehabilitation
7th October 2020 - 10th October 2020
Lyon, France
W: http://www.wcnr-congress.org

Rehabilitation for Disorders of Executive Functioning
15th October 2020 - 15th October 2020
London, UK
W: http://www.abisolutions.org.uk

ESO-WSO 2020
7th November 2020 - 9th November 2020
Vienna, Austria
W: http://eso-wso-conference.org/

Whose Life Is It Anyway? Supporting effective brain injury rehabilitation in the community
26th November 2020 - 26th November 2020
London, UK
W: http://www.abisolutions.org.uk/website/pdfs/Head_First_Conference_Flyer_2020.pdf

World Congress for the Management of Post-Stroke Spasticity
5% discount for WFNR members
25th February 2021 - 27th February 2021
Okinawa, Japan
W: http://www.wcpss2020.com

14th World Congress on Brain Injury
3rd March 2021 - 6th March 2021
Dublin, Ireland
W: http://www.ibia2021.org

ISPRM 2020
16th May 2021 - 20th May 2021
Lisboa, Portugal
W: http://isprm2021.com

RMSANZ 5th Annual Scientific Meeting
Forging Alliances - New Horizons
22nd June 2021 - 25th June 2021
Gold Coast, Australia
W: http://www.rmsanz.net

XXV World Congress of Neurology (WCN 2021)
3rd October 2021 - 7th October 2021
Rome, Italy
W: http://2021.wcn-neurology.com/

4th International Conference on Paediatric Brain Injury
6th October 2021 - 9th October 2021
New York, USA
W: http://ipbis2021.org/

12th World Congress for Neurorehabilitation
1st June 2022 - 4th June 2022
Vancouver, Canada
E: traceymole@wfnr.co.uk