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International Patient Survey

We are very pleased to announce that the WFNR, in collaboration with Ipsen Pharma, has launched the Patients living with Spasticity - International Patient Survey, which is NOW ONLINE at:

The objectives of the survey are:

· To give the opportunity to our patients to let clinicians hear their voice

  • To better understand the perspectives of patients living with spasticity (whatever their underlying condition) , who they are, how large is the impact of spasticity on their daily lives/activities
  • To gain more insight on patients' expectations and their unmet needs in regard to spasticity management, information on their condition, interactions with their doctors, patient associations, treatment, etc
  • To better understand any spasticity treatment benefits from patient perspectives
  • To identify areas for improvement, based on current patient management and expectations
  • To develop tailored medical education programmes to improve patient care

The survey:

  • consists of 31 questions with an expected time of approx. 15 to 20 minutes to complete. 
  • The questionnaire was developed and tested by rehabilitation specialists in collaboration with their own patients.

So, now the survey is live for at least 9 months, and you can help us:

Do not hesitate to share this link with your local patient association or any appropriate patients/carers who may be interested.

We are delighted to launch this innovative and patient focused programme and hope that you will help us to gather many patient testimonials to strengthen their voice and allow the development of a much better tailored approach to serve our patients?

Thank you for your collaboration.